It’s time for the ‘Get Connected’ annual Christmas quiz

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Graphic showing questions marksHow much do you know about the inflight connectivity business? Have you got your finger on the inflight Wi-Fi pulse? If you think you have, try your hand at our Christmas 2018 round-up quiz, just for fun.

We’ve run the quiz for the past three years and it has proved very popular. The answers to the 12 questions with links to the stories are at the bottom of the page.

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Now, blatant plug out of the way, here are the questions for the fun quiz:

Question 1

In January, which country lifted a ban on mobile phone use during flights?

Question 2

In February, who announced a new contract with United Airlines (UAL) to bring its latest generation in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) system to more than 70 aircraft?

Question 3

In March, who announced it expanded its inflight connectivity network with Hughes Network Systems?

Question 4

In April, which company launched its Aspire 400 system for inflight connectivity?

Question 5

In May, which US airline announced it was to install Thales FlytLive Ka-band connectivity?

Question 6

Notice to all readers:

Get Connected has merged with Simple Flying.

To read the latest Get Connected content, please visit our new home by clicking here.


In June, which company announced a commercial partnership with Astronics AeroSat to produce scalable, dual-beam electronically-steered antenna-based (ESA) based aeronautical terminals?

Question 7

In July, which airline signed a fleet-wide contract for Inmarsat’s Ka-band GX Aviation solution?

Question 8

In August, which inflight connectivity provider completed its first Ka-band Jet ConneX install for Hongkong Jet?

Question 9

In September, who surprised everyone by announcing a new strategic agreement with Inmarsat.

Question 10

In October, which company showcased its Inmarsat SB-S-based flight-deck solution for business jets at NBAA?

Question 11

In November, who announced that its Ku/Ka AeroEdge 6000 dual-band aero satcom terminal had passed environmental testing of its avionics hardware and received DO-160 certification?

Question 12

In December, who announced its new Ka-band inflight connectivity bundle, targeted at VIP and Government wide and narrow-body aircraft?













1. It was China – see
2. It was ViaSat – see
3. It was Global Eagle Entertainment – see
4. It was Honeywell – see
5. It was Spirit Airlines – see
6. It was Phasor – see
7. It was Indonesia’s Citilink – see
8. It was Satcom Direct (SD) – see
9. It was Panasonic Avionics – see
10. It was Cobham – see
11. It was Gilat – see
12. It was Eclipse – see

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