Blue Sky Network launches RockAIR tracking in USA

The RockAIR fleet tracking and messaging device.
The RockAIR fleet tracking and messaging device.

San Diego-based Blue Sky Network (BSN), has announced that Rock Seven’s RockAIR fleet tracking and messaging device is now part of its product portfolio.

The RockAIR unit’s small form factor has been designed for easy portability and convenient but unobtrusive positioning on the dashboards of light aircraft, rotorcraft and land vehicles, with a variety of mounting (and quick-release) options.

In June 2018, BSN announced the integration of its cloud-based SkyRouter tracking, communications and fleet management portal within Rock Seven’s dual-mode Iridium/GSM RockFLEET tracker for the maritime market.

BSN’s SkyRouter solution will also now be integrated with the RockAIR.

Its least-cost routing capability enables the built-in GSM to use terrestrial mobile networks wherever practicable, but the unit will automatically switch to the Iridium satellite network in areas where GSM is inaccessible.

it says with the global coverage that this service provides, clients can track and communicate with assets in any location.

Obtaining a position via the GPS network, the tracker will subsequently transmit this data (using GSM or Iridium, as appropriate) back to BSN’s SkyRouter system.

The RockAIR also enables full two-way communication from anywhere, in the form of texts, brief emails or social media posts, with the use of a paired Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or tablet and the RockCONNECT app.

Running on a 9-30V external power supply, the RockAIR features an internal battery for back-up, which allows up to a fortnight of usage.

“We are very excited to partner with Rock Seven and bring the capabilities of the RockAIR, along with the robust features of our SkyRouter command and control platform, to customers requiring a reliable and flexible tracking solution,” said Nick Tucky, BSN’s business development director.

“The ability to seamlessly switch between satellite and GSM networks helps our clients to save money in their operations while benefitting from the safety and security vehicle tracking provides.”

“There can be no greater validation of the importance of vehicle and asset tracking than BSN’s continued enthusiasm to bring Rock Seven’s technology to customers in the US,” said Nick Farrell, Director, Rock Seven.

“The combination of the RockAIR and SkyRouter represents a service of incredible value and comprehensiveness, taking communications and tracking to the next level.”

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