JetSuiteX to launch SmartSky Networks connectivity across fleet

SmartSky Networks logoJetSuiteX, the air carrier that offers regular flights from private terminals at the cost of a commercial ticket, announced that it will become the first carrier to offer SmartSky Networks’ inflight internet solution.

SmartSky Networks gives customers the ability to stream, email, transmit large data files, and text with speeds comparable to their experience on the ground. Alex Wilcox, Co-founder and CEO of JetSuiteX, announced the partnership at the APEX TECH event in Los Angeles, Calif. during his keynote address.

“After a rigorous selection process including my personal inflight evaluation, we chose SmartSky’s state-of-the-art, high-speed technology because it delivers the most compelling user experience,” said Wilcox.

“Through our partnership, JetSuiteX will once again disrupt the status quo, this time by enabling our customers to stay just as productive while in flight as they are on the ground.

“Not only does this underscore our commitment to providing the most innovative air travel solution in the industry, it allows our customers to empty their inbox or share as many #jetsuitex selfies as they wish while still in the air!”

Haynes Griffin, Chairman and CEO of SmartSky Networks, said: “JetSuiteX believes in empowering its customers with extreme efficiency, already cutting significant time from the typical airport experience and earning it the highest Net Promoter Score of any air carrier in the world.

“Our role is to support JetSuiteX’s continued dominance as the industry’s leader of passenger satisfaction.”

SmartSky says its system provides 10 times the speed of legacy airborne connections. The ground-based components of the system are being deployed throughout the contiguous United States using a mix of 4G LTE and emerging 5G technologies, similar to some of the recent improvements in terrestrial cellular networks.

JetSuiteX plans to launch the service in late summer 2019 with a phased roll-out across its fleet.

As a disruptor in the air travel space, JetSuiteX offers flights between private terminals aboard comfortable 30-seat Embraer 135 aircraft, with 36 inches of leg room, no bag fees and complimentary cocktails and snacks.

Customers may arrive just 20 minutes before departure and board quickly, with their baggage waiting for them just seconds after deplaning.

Founded in 2016, JetSuiteX says it provides “simple, reliable and joyful air travel that’s faster on the ground, more comfortable in the air and competitively priced with flights starting from $59 each way”.

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