Astronics AeroSat gains EASA certification for FliteStream

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The Astronics Aerosat FliteStream system.
The Astronics AeroSat FliteStream system.

Astronics has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Astronics AeroSat, recently received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for its next-generation FliteStream SATCOM inflight connectivity system.

The components certified include Astronics’ FliteStream F-310 SATCOM connectivity antenna and its new ARINC 791 style AeroShield radome and adapter plate solution.

Further data is available in EASA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) 10068156.

Astronics AeroSat says it adds this latest certification to its worldwide list of inflight connectivity (IFC) certifications including the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Civil Aviation Administration of China.

According to Matthew Harrah, President of Astronics AeroSat, “We are excited to announce the completion of our EASA STC covering the AeroShield low-drag radome and FliteStream F-Series systems on Airbus A320 series aircraft, which include the A318, A319, A320, and A321 models.

“This additional certification enables Astronics to offer our global customer base another total wireless connectivity hardware solution that includes installation plus all structural, antenna and radome system components.

“By completing both the Boeing 737NG and A320 STCs, we are now able to offer airlines across the globe a full connectivity solution for the primary aircraft types serving regional and international routes.”

About the FliteStream F-310 Satellite Connectivity System

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Astronics AeroSat’s FliteStream solutions are the only products available with patented lens-horn technology, which it says creates the most efficient, reliable and highest-performing SATCOM antenna system available.

The FliteStream F-310 integrates next-generation satellite modem technology and is compatible with next generation Ku-band high throughput satellites (HTS), providing maximum internet and data speeds in a single antenna.

Key features include:

  • Seamless connectivity for passengers to browse the internet, send and receive emails, make calls using Voice-Over-IP (VoIP), access virtual private network (VPN) services, conduct video conferences, and enjoy favourite work or entertainment applications
  • Most efficient Ku-band SATCOM antenna system, critical for maintaining low-angle satellite coverage while flying at higher latitudes, where most flights occur
  • A three-piece LRU (Line-Replaceable Unit) system: antenna, antenna controller & modem, and high-power transceiver
  • Compliance with RTCA DO-160 and RTCA DO-178

About the AeroShield ARINC 791 Style Radome and Adapter Plate System

Astronics AeroSat’s AeroShield radome and adapter plate solution is claimed to be the only next-generation ARINC 791 style solution that provides optimal Ku-band performance combined with the lowest drag design, while meeting all FAA and EASA bird strike safety requirements.

It says key features include:

  • Aerodynamic shape to reduce drag and increase fuel savings
  • FAA and EASA bird strike compliance for large radome installations, to reduce certification time and cost
  • Sealing robustness against fluid intrusion from water, ice, de-icing fluids and other environmental conditions
  • Advanced aluminium adapter plate design to minimize total IFC system weight
  • Connectivity systems commonality & interchangeability across entire fleets

Astronics AeroSat has provided fuselage-mounted and tail-mounted SATCOM solutions for general aviation, business aviation, commercial transport, VVIP, and military aircraft around the world.

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