Gogo AVANCE L5 inflight connectivity now flying on 500 aircraft

Gogo Business Aviation's AVANCE L5 LRU and antenna.
Gogo Business Aviation’s AVANCE L5 LRU and antenna.

Gogo Business Aviation has announced that its Gogo AVANCE L5 air-to-ground inflight connectivity system has been installed and is now flying on 500 business jets.

It says it took just 16 months to achieve the milestone from the date of the first installation, claiming it as one of the fastest adoption rates of any inflight connectivity system for business aviation.

With more than 770 systems shipped to date, Gogo says AVANCE L5 is its most-popular inflight connectivity system, delivering a 4G experience to a wide variety of business aircraft.

Nearly 55,000 flights have taken off with the system onboard from the time AVANCE L5 launched in the fourth quarter of 2017.

“The experience has been incredible, and the system continues to deliver performance that is delighting our customers,” said Sergio Aguirre, President of Gogo Business Aviation.

“And demand from the marketplace continues to be strong. I’m so proud of our team because they have truly delivered a market disrupting platform with AVANCE that forms the basis of our product portfolio.”

Gogo and its OEM partners and dealers have received certification for AVANCE L5 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) across 79 aircraft models.

The system is actively being installed at all MROs and aftermarket OEM service centres.

The Gogo AVANCE L5 system connects to the Gogo Biz 4G network delivering faster speeds and enhanced network capacity enabling activities such as live streaming video and audio, video conferencing, on-demand movies, faster web browsing, personal smartphone use, real-time data for cockpit apps, and remote diagnostics and support while in flight.

Gogo Business Aviation's AVANCE L3,
Gogo Business Aviation’s AVANCE L3,

Early in 2018 Gogo also launched AVANCE L3, a system that delivers the benefits of the Gogo AVANCE platform to passengers and flight departments in a lightweight, smaller form factor compared with L5.

AVANCE L3, which currently has nearly 170 systems installed, allows users to customise their inflight experience based on their unique needs and can be installed on business aircraft of all types and sizes, but is an ideal solution for smaller aircraft including turboprops and light jets.

In total, at the end of the third quarter 2018, Gogo Business Aviation reported 5,019 aircraft flying with its air-to-ground (ATG) systems onboard and another 5,137 utilising satellite connectivity.

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