AIX: Collins Aerospace shows GX management information

David Green from Collins Aerospace showing its management information tools for Inmarsat GX.
David Green from Collins Aerospace showing its management information tools for Inmarsat GX.

Collins Aerospace CabinConnect wireless inflight connectivity with Inmarsat GX is now flying on a number of different airlines, with the number rising to “seven or eight” if contracts can be exchanged in the coming months.

The company has now gathered a lot of experience with the Ka-band GX system, which has been used by up to 60,000 passengers.

With Norwegian, passengers experience free and premium Wi-Fi onboard Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and 737 MAX long-haul flights.

Air Astana, the flag carrier of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also has CabinConnect flying across its fleet of three Boeing 767 aircraft.

Azerbaijan Airlines also has GX flying on its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Collins Aerospace has now developed a number of management tools that show in real-time how the system is being used.

The management reporting tools, shown on the Collins Aerospace stand, show passenger usage, payments made and much more.

David Green, Principal Product Manager, Collins Aerospace said that the tool is invaluable in keeping track of how the system is performing.

“The airlines can see exactly how many passengers are connected and even what devices they are using,” Green said. “We can also see the download speeds they are experiencing and if there are any problems.”

Bahrain-based carrier Gulf Air announced it be implementing the Collins Aerospace GlobalConnect management system to support its new fleet of 30 Airbus A320 aircraft.

The service enables ground operators to download aircraft maintenance, performance data and data feeds to mobile applications used by flight crews.

This shows how inflight connectivity can be used for services that are way beyond passenger use.

The company was formerly known as Rockwell Collins before it was acquired by United Technologies in November 2018 and renamed Collins Aerospace.

This is the first time it has been at AIX with the new name.

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