Ebace: Honeywell supports jet upgrade with suite of products

Honeywell's lightweight tail-mounted JetWave Ka-band antenna for bizjets.
Honeywell’s lightweight tail-mounted JetWave Ka-band antenna for bizjets.

Honeywell has supported German-based ACC COLUMBIA service centre with upgrades to the latest cockpit, cabin and connectivity systems, alongside mandate equipment to retrofit and modernise a Bombardier Global Express jet.

The jet was upgraded with the JetWave satellite hardware for Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX, enabling the fastest global broadband connectivity for business passengers to work and make calls in the air.

Since the refurbishment in November 2018, the aircraft is in full service and is the largest single aircraft update within the business jet space, making the jet the equivalent of a new aircraft at 10% of the cost, with enhanced safety and efficiency elements.

Nils Janssen, Managing Director, ACC COLUMBIA Jet Services, said: “The cost of buying a new business aircraft continues to increase, so operators are looking toward modifying their jets with upgraded solutions as an investment.

“As a revered service centre, we’ve worked closely with Honeywell to upgrade jets to increase the value and install the most efficient solutions for our customers.

“This ensures they’re able to reduce workloads for pilots through the latest avionics, while providing business passengers with seamless in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment, for increased productivity while travelling.”

With Honeywell’s solutions at the heart of the Bombardier Global Express upgrade, the operator is seeing the benefits of reduced operational and fuel costs, through an updated flight management system and GoDirect services.

The cockpit was also modernised with the Primus Elite integrated avionics system, ensuring compliance with air navigation mandates ahead of the 2020 deadline.

In addition to the cost savings, Honeywell and ACC COLUMBIA completed all upgrades at the same time to minimize aircraft downtime.

The modifications to the jet have significantly increased aircraft bluebook value and efficiency through a reduction in overall aircraft weight, demonstrating one of the key advantages to upgrading an aircraft, over buying an entirely new aircraft.

ACC COLUMBIA and Honeywell will continue to support and provide upgrades to the Bombardier Global Express jet, specifically with the SmartView Synthetic Vision system later this year, to complete the aircraft refurbishment.

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