Honeywell selects Gilat’s modem for JetWave Ka-band solution

Gilat logoGilat Satellite Networks announced today that Honeywell has selected Gilat’s Taurus IFC modem for its JetWave satellite communication system.

The integration of Gilat’s aero-modem will enable Honeywell to offer its JetWave solution within territories as well as to roam in-and-out of territories where Gilat’s ground network is deployed.

The Honeywell-Gilat solution will first be deployed in China over China’s HTS Ka network for both domestic and flights going in-and-out of China, expanding later to additional regions around the globe.

Gilat’s says its high-performance Taurus aero modem, has a “proven global track record of providing unparalleled passenger user experience”. Gilat’s industry-leading IFC solution operates the largest global IFC network with more than 1,000 commercial aircraft installed with Gilat’s solution.

Ron Levin VP, Mobility and Global Accounts, said: “Gilat is pleased to partner with Honeywell to offer JetWave in new territories and regions of the world, and are looking forward to further expansion and cooperation of this strategic relationship.

“This achievement is another step in materializing Gilat’s vision of enabling broadband anywhere, as well as a testament of Gilat’s recognised global HTS and IFC leadership.”

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