SD completes ‘Bravo’ phase of Data Centre expansion

SD's new data centre Satcom Direct (SD) has completed the Bravo phase of expansion of its SD Data Centre, doubling the existing footprint to 10,000 square feet.

The extended facility at SD’s Melbourne, Florida headquarters has added capacity for a further 120+ server cabinets providing secure data storage for aviation and terrestrial clients of all sizes.

As planned, the Bravo phase was initiated when the existing data centre was close to reaching targeted capacity goals.

The Bravo phase mirrors the existing facility providing category five hurricane-proof construction and adheres to the same high compliance standards already in place.

The SD Data Centre enables the creation of private networks for clients when connected to SD hardware, software and satellite connectivity. Through the infrastructure available via the SD Data Center, existing compliance and security protocols can be applied to the aircraft network like any other corporate location.

The installation of the infrastructure is already under way as customer server cages and cabinets are in process. Phase three expansion, Charlie, is now in the planning stage and will further support customized solutions for aviation clients when completed.

Chris Moore, President Business Aviation, said: “The SD Data Centre provides efficient and secure transport of data across a self-owned, fully redundant and highly-scalable network. It serves our own family of companies and allows us to provide robust cybersecurity monitoring and protection.

“The latest figures collated from our existing threat monitoring subscribers show that this is becoming more and more necessary.

“We can now further leverage the capabilities of our Data Center to support current and future internal and customer-facing services which will result in more data management options for our aviation clients.”

SD hosted an open house on 22 May to mark the second phase completion. Attended by civic leaders, government officials, clients and employees, SD invited guests to tour the upgraded facility and discuss the importance of data security to business continuity.

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