Gilat expands to bizav, secures orders worth millions

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Israel based Gilat Satellite Networks has made its first steps into the business aviation marketplace. Marking the occasion, the company has secured an order worth tens of millions of dollars from a business aviation services provider, an order which will lead to the installation of hundreds of their tail-mounted antenna solutions.

Business Aviation
Gilat is entering the business aviation market. Photo: Gilat

Ron Levin, VP of Mobility and Global Accounts at Gilat, said of the news,

“Gilat’s expansion from commercial aviation into the market segment of business aviation is a major milestone in our IFC strategy. This achievement, of a potential of hundreds of terminals, further strengthens Gilat as a major IFC player in this fast-growing satellite communication market.”

The order

While the name of the ordering company has not been revealed, Gilat has confirmed that they are a Tier-1 Business Aviation Service Provider. Tier-1 suppliers work directly with the OEM, and in the business aviation service market, they include big names like Airbus, Dassault, Boeing and GKM. Undoubtedly, the supplier will be unveiled at a later date.

Gilat told Get Connected that there is also the potential of significant additional revenues from follow on orders for the tail-mount antenna. They expect to see the installation of this solution beginning in 2020.

The connectivity service which is being developed using Gilat’s aero terminal will be global, high speed and satellite-based. It will use the 12-inch tail-mounted Ku band antenna developed by Gilat, in tandem with its Taurus aero modem.

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Gilat’s technology

Gilat’s antenna is unique is that it is a tail-mounted, low profile unit, compatible with both Ku and Ka-band communication. Gilat spoke to Get Connected about their product, saying,

“Gilat’s solution is unique in the market providing highest performance and spectral efficiency while providing the best SWAP (Size, Weight and Power). We expect installation of this solution next year and see great potential in this market.”


Taurus modem
The Taurus modem. Photo: Gilat

For Business Aviation Gilat provides a full terminal including the tail-mount antenna and Gilat’s SkyEdge Taurus modem for a full IFC solution. Capable of delivering up to 400Mpbs, the modem is the world’s fastest TDMA VSAT.

Gilat’s Taurus aero modem has also been used by Gogo for Commercial Aviation for some time, providing connectivity for a number of airlines including Aero Mexico, Air Canada and Delta Air Lines. Gogo’s 2Ku service, using the Taurus modem, is installed on more than 1,500 aircraft with 18 airlines in total. Gogo has cited this modem as being capable of delivering more than 16 times the throughput of their previous solution.

A big year for Gilat

As well as the major bizav order, Gilat has also recently secured the business of Honeywell for its JetWave satellite communication system. The Honeywell-Gilat solution will be deployed in China over China’s HTS Ka network for both domestic and international flights.

In addition to this, Gilat is engaged in the development of an electronically steered array antenna (ESA), planned to become a key component of its IFC offering going forward.

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