ROI IFEC analysis made easy with Display Interactive’s UGOsmart

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France-based Display Interactive has launched a new tool to help airlines get smarter about collecting and analyzing data relating to their IFEC system. The goal of this new technology is to help carriers rapidly assess the ROI of their systems, and adjust their offerings accordingly. The name of this new tool? UGOsmart.

UGO smart
A new DataViz tool for better ROI oversight. Photo: Display Interactive

Display interactive’s smart solution

According to Display Interactive, the UGOsmart system is designed or in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) and ancillary revenue teams, to put them in control of their data. The system is updated in real-time, and aims to provide airlines with a solution to common issues faced, such as “overwhelming information, inflexible analytics and blurry visibility on IFEC ROI.”

Earlier this month, UGO attended the World Aviation Festival in London. Get Connected asked Display Interactive about their experience at the event, who told us:

“The World Aviation Festival in London was a great success for us, as we got to meet many new contacts from airlines that are particularly interested in implementing innovative digital strategies onboard. Our wireless IFE system named UGO answers to all their requirements in terms of technical capabilities and team support, for them to be fully accompanied when implementing new ancillary revenue drivers onboard, as well as many other inflight digital services.

“It was also a great occasion for us to chat and discuss with some airlines that were already interested in our products and services in the past. In addition, The World Aviation Festival has been the first trade show we have been present at after the launch of UGOsmart, and that was a great occasion to gather first impressions and feedback from the industry. It was particularly interesting to talk to ancillary revenue managers, as one of the professionals that gets the most benefit from a tool like UGOsmart.”

Qatar Airways
Display Interactive’s UGO customers include Qatar Airways. Photo: Oneworld

Display Interactive has been around for more than a decade, with involvement in the IFE sector since 2013. The company already supplies a wireless IFE system called UGO, which is in use with airlines such as Qatar and Corsair, among others. When pressed on who might be next to adopt UGOsmart, Display Interactive told us,

Notice to all readers:

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“Unfortunately, we can’t disclose any names yet, however, we can say that some great projects are coming up very soon and invite you to stay tuned! In addition, UGOsmart is also catching the interest of some of our UGO wireless IFE existent clients, as it’s the perfect tool to complement a rich IFE strategy.”

Benefits to airlines

In terms of the direct benefit to airlines, Display Interactive explained to us some of the key advantages of employing a tool like UGOsmart. These include:

  • Better understanding of passengers: By understanding the expectations and experiences of passengers, airlines can become more customer-centric.
  • Invest in what brings the best results: Identifying consumption trends and locating weak indicators, airlines can better invest in those things which are really enhancing profitability.
  • Explore new sources of revenue: Analysis of connectivity strategies and ancillary performance in real time can help form strategies for the future.
  • Deliver the insights to the right place: Bring added benefit to internal teams and avoid sluggish silos by delivering data to the relevant department instantly.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Monitor the performance of systems more closely and speed up the time it takes to act.
  • Target content: Enhance the passenger experience with targeted content and tailored catalogs based on the preferences of that passenger.

The way the data is presented with UGOsmart, something Display Interactive call DataViz, makes it simple to understand and to snatch elements of data from the feed, in order to inform everything from marketing campaigns to PaxEx improvements and much more in between.

Tarek El Mitwali, CEO of Display Interactive summed it up in a press release, saying,

“…airlines operate IFEC on a daily basis, and most legacy systems don’t provide any support to focus on the road ahead. Our philosophy has always been to empower airline’s teams and to keep the hassle of operational issues out of their minds. While UGOsmart allows our customers to make the right decisions, we can guarantee with UGOlife [DI’s ongoing support service] that these will result in immediate changes on the in-flight servers and therefore, in the passenger experience”

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