APEX: Gore showcases the next generation of inflight connectivity cabling

While the APEX Expo was full of interesting exhibits and products, one which caught our eye was the exhibition by Gore & Associates who claim to be showcasing the next generation of IFEC cabling products. GORE Aerospace Cables and Assemblies were on show at Booth 1523, and promise some interesting improvements for the world of inflight connectivity.

Gore Aerospace
Gore Aerospace promise next generation cabling from cockpit to tail. Image: Gore

Jenn Haupt, Aerospace and Defense Marketing Communications Lead for Gore commented in a press release,

“We are excited to share how Gore products can impact NextGen inflight connectivity. Cables play a critical role in these systems and they need to not just survive the conditions but impact end results such as passenger and air crew experience, as well.”

Who is GORE Aerospace?

Gore is not a well-known name in aviation circles but is a key supplier in terms of modern IFEC solutions, Founded in 1958, the company employs more than 10,000 individuals and is the brain behind the well-known GORE-TEX line of outerwear and footwear.

In terms of IFEC solutions, GORE is bringing to market what they are calling ‘next generation’ cabling products. With their expertise in modern polymer fabrication, these products promise to be more durable, better performing and lighter than anything that has gone before.

Gore cabling
Gore bring a full range of cabling solutions. Photo: Gore

Specifically, GORE claim that their cables and assemblies have been engineered specifically to withstand broad ranges of temperatures, to be resistant to abrasion and wear and to cope will with repeated mechanical stress. They are also invulnerable to high voltages and hazardous contaminants in the environment.

The GORE Aerospace product range

Being exhibited at APEX last week were four key products from GORE. These were:

  • Fiber optic cables: Gore’s unique take on the fiber optic cable takes a standard cable and places it within a robust construction to improve all aspects of performance. They promise these cables will bring improved reliability, extended service life and a more robust construction, without any additions in terms of size and weight.
  • Microwave / RF assemblies: Gore have engineered their assemblies to be protected against water, fuel, vapor and other potential contaminants found on board aircraft. The small, flexible construction is designed to give exceptional performance and better outcomes than the standard rigid assemblies.
  • High speed data cables: Gore have developed a range of high speed data cables, including HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, USB and fiber cables. These support the latest open source architectures and protocols, and use innovative fluoropolymer materials for super lightweight, highly flexible cabling.
  • Leaky feeder antennas: Gore’s leaky feeder antennas promise to bring reliable connectivity while reducing the amount of hardware required on the plane. They are resistant to flame, smoke and contaminants and promise to reduce costs due to eliminating maintenance requirements.

GORE Aerospace promises next-generation solutions ‘from cockpit to tail’. While it’s difficult to get too excited about cables, it’s crucial to realize that these are all essential elements of the connected aircraft. Lightweight, robust cables can save airlines money, through a reduction in on board weight and fewer maintenance intervals required, and if they come with better performance too, then that is a win-win for everyone.

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