APEX: Irdeto joins APEX with an app-free DRM solution

Dutch company Irdeto has joined the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) with a view to offering airlines a more secure way of proving OTT content via WiFi.

Irdeto logo
Irdeto has joined APEX. Image: Irdeto

Irdeto is a digital platform security specialist, developing solutions for connected aircraft, cars and other transportation. Their ‘Control on the Go’ solution allows airlines to deliver high quality, premium level content to both consumer devices and to seatback screens without any concerns over piracy.

They say their solution will enable airlines to offer premium content, even when internet connections are patchy or non-existent.

Joining APEX

The decision to join APEX, Irdeto says, was driven by the launch earlier this year of Irdeto Control on the Go. This product allows airlines to securely provide OTT content such as premium movies, without the need for an additional app being downloaded prior to flight.

Irdeto’s solution allows premium media streaming via WiFi with no app download necessary. Photo: Irdeto

Bengt Jonsson, Senior Vice President of Sales & Services, Irdeto, commented in a press release,

“The provision of premium in-flight OTT services is a rare new revenue opportunity for airlines and it is crucial that they have a complete solution that is both secure and easily implemented. As an expert in secure content delivery, Irdeto is proud to bring deep media experience to APEX and the airline industry which, in its quest to enhance the in-flight experience for customers, is encountering the requirements that need to be met by any media distributor or premium content rights holders.”

Control on the Go

Irdeto says that its Control on the Go software enables a superb OTT experience in any environment, even when internet connectivity is limited. It is a multi-DRM management system that controls the licenses and business policies of content, letting customers enjoy media using only the WiFi connection.

Irdeto Control on the Go supports Widevine Modular and FairPlay DRMs to enable a broad reach of devices, including Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers, Android tablets and smartphones, SmartTVs, Roku, other proprietary displays and Apple devices. By supporting industry-leading DRMs, the solution ensures compliance to content owners’ requirements such as output protection and license duration limitation that can be enforced by DRM settings.

Control on the go
Control on the Go offers seamless protection from piracy. Photo: Irdeto

The company says that Control on the Go is highly scalable, and is capable of issuing any number of licenses requested and managing millions of content pieces. It is designed to enable airlines to offer an extensive library of content to a large population with ease.

When combined with Irdeto Media Manager for content preparation, Irdeto TraceMark for watermarking and an integrated player, the company says that this provides “the most comprehensive solution for airlines to automate the publishing, distribution and content protection of premium OTT in-flight entertainment.”

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