Surinam Airways picks Moment’s Flymingo for onboard W-IFE

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National airline of Suriname, Surinam Airways, has adopted the Flymingo Box solution for its onboard IFE requirements. Supplied by French technology company Moment (formerly Interactive Mobility), the Flymingo Box will offer up to 10,000 hours of content streamed simultaneously to up to 100 passengers on board.

Surinam Airways
Surinam Airways is getting a new W-IFE system. Photo: JTOcchialini via Wikimedia

Radjesh Radjkoemar, CEO at Surinam Airways, commented on the purchase decision, saying,

“As an international airline, it was essential for us to differentiate our service by offering passengers an enjoyable entertainment solution that responds to their needs. Moment was the right partner since their solution Flymingo Box met all of our criteria in terms of reliability, installation, choice of content and price.”

Moment will be responsible for the acquisition of the wireless IFE system and Panasonic seat back entertainment screens on behalf of Surinam Airways. It will also supply the content, which promises to include recent movies and series, documentaries, cartoons, games and music playlists.

Surinam Airways operates a modest fleet of just three aircraft: two Boeing 737-700s and one 777-200ER. From its hub at Paramaribo International Airport, the airline flies to a number of long haul destinations including Miami, Orlando and Amsterdam, as well as a number of destinations within South America.

The Flymingo Box

Get Connected caught up with Moment about their Flymingo solution to find out a bit more about it. They told us,

“The Flymingo Box is a wireless In-Flight Entertainment system (W-IFE) that enables passengers to connect to a local cloud, to stream content and access services directly on their own mobile devices. Distinguished by its power and its very small size, the Flymingo Box is the most capable, portable W-IFE solution in the industry.

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“The Flymingo Box server embarks state-of-art technology and components to deliver unparalleled Wi-Fi coverage and streaming speed. One single Flymingo Box provides speedy streaming throughout the cabin of a whole single-aisle aircraft. Indeed, each unit delivers video streaming for more than 100 simultaneous users.

Flymingo Box
The compact Flymingo Box. Photo: Moment

“The server can store and broadcast 10,000 hours of content, which is updated via USB, ethernet or remotely via 4G. With its compact size, Flymingo Box is easily located aboard in the overhead bins or in the galleys with straightforward installation.”

With many products, certification to fly them is something of an issue. Suppliers will often be required to go through a rigorous testing and certification process before airlines can use their technology. However, the Flymingo Box appears to have all these bases covered. Moment told us,

“As a loose item, the Flymingo Box does not require any certification (STC) for its installation. However, the device is certified and fully complies with the most severe aeronautical rules and requirements (DO-160G Part 4, 16, 17, 21). For more safety, it features a functionality to pause automatically IFE broadcast during in-flight announcements.”

Content can be streamed to all devices. Photo: Moment

What can users expect from the tech?

The addition of inflight content will be welcomed by the passengers traveling on Surinam Airways’ longer routes. As Surinam Airways has no WiFi-enabled aircraft as yet, this is a good alternative to provide IFE while in the air.

Moment told us that the Flymingo Box requires no additional software or even an app to be downloaded. All content is available directly from Flymingo’s onboard WiFi network through any device with a browser.

To date, Flymingo has been installed on Air France and Suriname Airways, although Moment told us there are two more airlines to be announced soon.

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